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Choosing the right provider for your needs

In the context of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, diagnostic imaging often plays a critical role. Obtaining an accurate physical examination of your client’s injury after an accident is paramount to successfully lead the case in court. That’s why an increasing number of attorneys prefer to hire a reliable and professional diagnostic imaging services provider with experience in this field.

The radiologists at Elite Radiology of Georgia are fully aware of the fact that personal injury cases usually hinge on HD-quality imaging and the clear interpretation of those results. That’s why we built a team to work hand in hand with attorneys, payors, and patients to properly determine the degree of injuries sustained, design care plans, and assist the patients’ attorney to build a case in their favor.

Our Specialty Services

Working Together to Assist Your Client

As an attorney, you want what’s best for your client, that’s why choosing a provider like Elite Radiology of Georgia can help reduce some of the stresses your client faces as they navigate the complex legal claims process and recover from their injuries.

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition is the first step in getting them the help they need. However there are other important considerations when selecting a diagnostic imaging provider.

Our specialty personal injury and workers’ compensation services are designed to meet an attorney’s specific needs; whether it’s receiving clear, HD-quality reports in a timely manner or relieving the financial burden on their client by accepting LOPs.

We offer fast diagnostic imaging results

Scheduling diagnostic imaging procedures at hospitals is often fraught with delays, and even after the completion of the procedure, the radiologist might take days or sometimes even weeks to prepare and release the radiology report. Meanwhile, certain case deadlines may be missed. Working with a provider that schedules same-day procedures and delivers report findings within 24 to 48 hours can make a big difference to the outcome of a case.

We accept letters of protection

You want to get your client the medical care he or she desperately needs without putting them in a financial bind. For personal injury cases that require a letter of protection, your imaging provider must have the experience with the same. We have partnered with hundreds of attorneys and their clients for their injury cases and we accept all kinds of remuneration, including workers’ comp and deferred payment involving a letter of protection.

We provide 24/7 cloud-based access to your files

Designed to streamline the communication process and reduce the time spent waiting on results, our specialized cloud-based attorney web portal allows you to receive studies and images from radiologists and physicians, confidentially and electronically. By saving all your images, case details, and payment information in one place, we can help simplify the entire process, ensuring your cases run smoothly.